World netball cardiac screening guidelines




Sudden cardiac adverse events remain an area of concern in sport. The precise risk for netball athletes is unknown but the annual incidence of sudden cardiac death in sports is reported at 0.5-2 cases in 100 000 young competitive athletes between the ages of 12-35 years. Cardiac screening in the sport and exercise medicine context aims at identifying pathologies associated with catastrophic events when combined with physical activity. There is an ongoing debate relating to the standardisation of the pre-participatory medical assessment (PPMA). World Netball (WN) commissioned a cardiac screening policy (13 March 2022). The minimum PPMA recommended by World Netball is a history, physical examination, and a resting 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). ECGs should be interpreted in accordance with athletespecific ECG interpretation criteria. Expansion of sports cardiology experience and infrastructure, in combination with universal emergency response planning for sudden cardiac arrest, is intended to safeguard athlete health and player welfare in WN. 


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Bogwasi, L., Janse van Rensburg, D. C., Bryant, G., Orchard, J., & Drezner , J. (2022). World netball cardiac screening guidelines. South African Journal of Sports Medicine, 34(1).



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