Blood flow restriction training in South Africa – a panel discussion




Background: Blood flow restriction (BFR) training uses a cuff to partially occlude venous blood flow and improve musculoskeletal training outcomes. Over the past 25 years, numerous studies have demonstrated its relative safety and efficacy.

Objectives: Blood flow restriction training is under review by the Health Professions Council of South Africa due to safety and ethical concerns. The objective of this roundtable discussion is to gain better insight into the current use and perception of blood flow restriction training in South Africa.

Formation of panel: The expert panel had experience with the use of BFR training and included one representative from each of the following professions, namely, sports medicine, physiotherapy and biokinetics.

Discussion: The panellists provided their unique perspectives on BFR training, whilst reaching a relative consensus on its safety, screening, efficacy, and appropriate use. Agreement on appropriate loading and occlusion pressure protocols during different phases of rehabilitation was less clear.

Conclusion: Although BFR is a safe and effective modality, the development of evidence-based protocols among different health professionals in South Africa is required to ensure good clinical practice.


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Author Biographies

Robert William Evans, Enable Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

Biokineticist & Clinical Director at the Enable Centre

Janesh Ganda, Sports Rehab Center, Cape Town, South Africa.

Sports Physician and Team Doctor of the South African 7’s Rugby Team

Lize van Schalkwyk, Western Province & Stormers Rugby, Cape Town, South Africa.

Physiotherapist and Head of Physiotherapy at Western Province and Stormers Rugby

David L. Fabricius, Lambert Sports Clinic, London, United Kingdom.

Biokineticist and Head of Performance and Wellness at the Lambert Sports Clinic, London

Marius Cornelissen, Biokinetics Association of South Africa, Centurion, South Africa.

Ethics Director




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Evans, R. W. ., Ganda, J. ., van Schalkwyk, L. ., Fabricius, D. L. ., & Cornelissen, M. (2022). Blood flow restriction training in South Africa – a panel discussion. South African Journal of Sports Medicine, 34(1).



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