Effect of Indian clubbell exercises on cricket fast bowlers’ shoulder kinematics





Background: The glenohumeral joint’s rotational range of motion (ROM) and muscle strength are essential to execute the cricket bowling action. Performing shoulder rotation exercises may increase the rotator cuff muscle strength and rotational ROM. 

Objectives: The aim of this study was to test the effect of a six-week exercise programme on shoulder rotational ROM and muscle strength.

Methods: Twenty-one healthy male cricket fast bowlers were recruited, ranked and pair-matched on initial shoulder rotator muscle strength and assigned to either a shoulder exercise (SE) group or cricket training (CT) only group. The SE group incorporated Indian clubbell exercises in addition to their cricket training.

Results: Bowlers in both groups displayed a large increase on the dominant shoulder’s internal rotation (IR) ROM, but only the SE group’s bowlers displayed ROM improvements (p<0.001) bilaterally for both internal and external rotation. The CT group’s fast bowler’s non-dominant shoulder IR ROM significantly decreased (p=0.02) during the six weeks. Between groups, only the SE group’s bowler’s internal rotator muscle strength improved (p<0.001) bilaterally. The observed kinematic changes were statistically significantly greater at a 5% level for the SE group’s bowlers (bilateral internal rotators muscle strength, non-dominant shoulder IR ROM and horizontal adduction ROM).

Conclusion: Maintenance of the shoulder’s rotational ROM and muscle strength is vital for a fast bowler. Cricket bowlers who perform regular clubbell exercises might increase their shoulder’s ROM and internal rotator cuffs’ muscle strength, which may aid in stabilising their glenohumeral joint while bowling. 


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Walter, S., Moltchanova, E., & Petersen, C. (2023). Effect of Indian clubbell exercises on cricket fast bowlers’ shoulder kinematics. South African Journal of Sports Medicine, 35(1). https://doi.org/10.17159/2078-516X/2023/v35i1a15103



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