Energy models: Methods and characteristics

  • Najmeh Neshat University of Cape Town
  • Mohammad Reza Amin-Naseri
  • Farzaneh Danesh


Given the importance of models in complicated problem solving, an inappropriate energy model can lead to inaccurate decisions and poor policy prescriptions. This paper aims at developing a decision support tool with which the selection of appropriate model characteristics can be facilitated for developing countries. Hence, it provides a comparative overview of different ways of energy models characterization and extracts the underlying relationships amongst them. Moreover, evolution of dynamic characteristics of energy models for developing countries is identified according to the previous studies on the developed and developing countries. To do this, it reviews the related literature and follows a systematic comparative approach to achieve its purposes. These findings are helpful in cases where model developers themselves are looking for appropriate characteristics in terms of certain purpose or situation.

Author Biography

Najmeh Neshat, University of Cape Town
Energy Research Centre Snr Research Officer
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