Hybrid electromechanical-electromagnetic simulation to SVC controller based on ADPSS platform

  • Lin Xu University of Cape Town
  • Yong-Hong Tang
  • Wei Pu
  • Yang Han


To test the dynamic performance and damping features of a static var compensator (SVC) controller accurately in large-scale interconnected AC/DC hybrid power systems, it is of vital significance to build the detailed electromagnetic transient model. However, it is unrealistic and time-consuming to build the detailed models of all the devices in the actual large-scale power grid. Utilizing the hybrid simulation function in the advanced digital power system simulator (ADPSS) and by dividing the large-scale power grid into the electromagnetic transient sub-grids and electromechanical sub-grids, the computation speed of real-time simulation is remarkably enhanced by the parallel computational capabilities of digital simulator. The SVC controller and the nearby substation are modelled in the electromagnetic transient sub-grid, and the residue sub-networks are modelled in the electromechanical sub-grid. This paper focuses on the mechanism of the hybrid electromechanical and electromagnetic simulation, the detailed modelling and the ADPSS-based digital closed-loop test methodologies of the SVC controller. Eventually, the validity and effectiveness of the modelling and control methods are confirmed by the experimental results.

Author Biography

Lin Xu, University of Cape Town
Energy Research Centre Snr Research Officer
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