Cops and robbers - a new approach: The Gauteng Aggravated Robbery Strategy

  • Gareth Newham Gauteng Department of Community Safety
Keywords: robbery, Gauteng, hijacking, trio crimes, Gauteng Aggravated Robbery Strategy, SAPS, provincial government


During 2006, substantial increases were recorded in residential and business robberies in Gauteng. Along with hijackings, these three subcategories of aggravated robbery were collectively referred to as the 'Trio Crimes'. After various policing operations failed to adequately reduce the Trio Crimes in Gauteng, the Gauteng Department of Community Safety undertook research into international best practice for combating residential and business robberies. The findings of this research formed the basis for the Gauteng Aggravated Robbery Strategy, which was subsequently developed and implemented in partnership with the Gauteng South African Police Service (SAPS). This initiative provides a case study of the role that provincial governments could play in supporting the police to reduce crime in South Africa.

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