A prophet for dignity? A theological perspective

  • Nico Koopman University of Stellenbosch, South Africa


This paper portrays the work of Adam Small as prophetic work. Three dimensions of the practice of prophetic speaking are
described, namely prophetic envisioning, prophetic criticism and prophetic policymaking. Small’s work is described in terms of
these categories. During the struggle against apartheid and during the current quest for a new society of dignity, justice and
freedom, Small’s prophetic envisioning, prophetic criticism and self-criticism and his prophetic policymaking discourse is of
immense importance. Amidst our struggle to build a new society his prophetic envisioning gives hope and inspiration. Amidst our
anger about so many wrongs in society and the non-fulfilment of the vision of a new society, his prophetic criticism and self-criticism
gives fortitude and courage. Amidst reservations about participation in complex and sophisticated public debates, public opinionformation
processes and public law-making processes, his prophetic policymaking discourse gives illumination and perspective.
Keywords: Adam Small, anti-apartheid writing, dignity, prophetic speaking, public opinion-formation.
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