Dialogue in S. A. Dazela’s Izono zakho ziya kukujikela

  • Zilibele Mtumane University of Johannesburg, South Africa


This article investigates the use of dialogue in the depiction of the main character, Mpumlo’s personality traits in S. A. Dazela’s
novel, Izono zakho ziya kukujikela (“Your sins will turn against you”, 1991). Mpumlo is the lead character in the novel. The
aspects of Mpumlo’s personality, as depicted through dialogue, that feature prominently in the novel, include his kindness and
humaneness, caring, being a liar, dangerousness, jealousy, cruelty, sarcasm, irresponsibility, cheating, rudeness and disrespect.
All these traits will be highlighted. A discussion is also presented of the concepts of dialogue and personality in general and of
Mpumlo’s personality traits in particular. Key words: Dialogue, isiXhosa novel, S.A. Dazela, Izono zakho ziya kukujikela,
personality traits.
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