Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (PELJ) - Prof Christa Rautenbach (Editor), 15 November 2023:

"Our journal was among the first to join the platform as a pilot project. It's fair to say that we've grown alongside the Khulisa platform.

Initially, the setup involved receiving comprehensive technical support for launching a journal online. However, the journal was mainly responsible for its own design and layout. There might have been changes since then.

The formulation of author guidelines and policies rests with the journal editors because they tend to vary across different journals. However, Ina was there throughout to provide assistance.

I highly recommend joining the platform. The quality and reach of our journal expanded significantly due to online hosting. You still maintain control over your content but receive technical assistance and web space to execute your ideas.

I vividly recall the tremendous effort we put into setting everything up initially, involving numerous training sessions. Presently, operations run smoothly, and any glitches are swiftly resolved when they occur."