Government Intervention and Suburban Sprawl

Keywords: Sprawl, Government Intervention, suburbia, USA


The writer is of the opinion that government intervention is the probable cause of suburban sprawl in American cities. Two types of sprawl  are discussed, namely, sprawl which results due to to the creation of suburbs and sprawl arising from the inability to be mobile without the use of one's personal transport. The writer makes use of comparative tables and statistics to add credibility to the findings. The school system, the creation of highways, making jay-walking a crime and the legal obligation to provide huge parking lots for shopping centres are some of the unusual reasons why  there has been excessive sprawl in American cities.

Solutions are suggested to counter government intervention.  Although the study is USA based, book could  have universal appeal. However, as acknowledged by the writer,  the cost that will have to be incurrred, may be a barrier. 


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Lewyn M Government Intervention and Suburban Sprawl: The Case for
Market Urbanism

(Palgrave MacMillan 2017)

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integral part of the book and appear throughout the book.

Teale C "How Cutting Parking Requirements Could Reduce Congestion in Cities"

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