Religious Offence and Human Rights: The Implications of Defamations of Religions

Keywords: Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, defamation, religious offence


This contribution is a review of a book on actions which may offend religious feelings even if it was not the intention of the offender to do so. This book illustrates how, drawings (amongst others) on the face of it, may be construed to be a mere exercise of the right to freedom of expression or free speech in a democratic society. This is regardless of the content of the drawing which, to other societies, may constitute an offence.




World-Wide Religious News "South African Muslim bid to Ban Cartoon Fails" access on 31 July 2019

dailynews/news/hindu-anger-at-cartoon-1598324 access on 31 July 2019 iring the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to re-open the
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