UNFIT TO OWN A FIREARM? The role of the police in firearm control

  • Anthony Minnaar Technikon SA
  • Duxita Mistry Technikon SA
Keywords: police, firearms, South Africa, SAPS, Arms and Ammunition Act, Firearms Control Act


This article draws on a study that examined aspects of the implementation by the South African Police Service (SAPS) of section 11 of the old Arms and Ammunition Act. This section refers to the declaration by the police of a person to be unfit to possess a licensed firearm.Although the police are more vigilant than ever about declaring people unfit, their lack of knowledge about the process needs to be addressed, as does the tendency of police and prosecutors to blame each other for problems that arise. Unless these deficiencies are ironed out soon, they will obstruct the execution of the new Firearms Control Act.

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Anthony Minnaar, Technikon SA
Institute for Human Rights and Criminal Justice Studies
Duxita Mistry, Technikon SA
Institute for Human Rights and Criminal Justice Studies,
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