SACQ: progress towards publishing excellence


Over the past five years South African Crime Quarterly (SACQ) has undergone a number of changes to make the journal a more reliable and credible source of practical and theoretical knowledge about violence, crime and criminal justice in South Africa. In 2011 the journal was accredited by the Department of Higher Education in South Africa, and it has recently been assessed by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), and
accepted for inclusion in the Scielo index. Acceptance in the index is based on a thorough assessment of the journal, and on-going monitoring of indicators of excellence by ASSAf. The inclusion of SACQ in this index is thus
a significant milestone for the journal. It also means that within the next three years the journal will have an impact factor based on the number of citations of articles published. In addition, SACQ is now available through African Journals Online (AJOL), a service that offers a growing collection of open-access African scholarly journals; through AJOL we are increasing our continental readership.

Author Biography

Chandre Gould, Institute for Security Studies

Editor: South African Crime Quarterly

Senior research fellow: Governance, Crime and Justice Division, Institute for Security Studies

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