So why did you choose dentistry?


  • Neil Wood


cross-sectional, predictor


Many dentists have been asked “why did you choose to do dentistry?” in some way or another. We are often presented with some or other cliché such as “I want to help people”, but truthfully, the factors that a person may reflect on when considering a profession would include prestige, financial growth and security, job-satisfaction and potential for professional and career development.
In all probability the dental profession itself was the best advertisement at the time of deciding on the career path to follow. Yet dentistry is a very specific blend of skills in a healthcare profession that hides a vast ocean of challenges only seen once you enter the profession. Despite this, dentistry draws a large variety of personality types to its practice. There is no doubt that there is a fair
amount of artistic ability required in addition to the honing of the clinical acumen.


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