Household paraffin consumption in four areas: Benoni, Galeshewe, Gugulethu and Lady Grey

  • E Roberts Palmer Development Consulting
  • M Wentzel Palmer Development Consulting
Keywords: Benoni, Galeshewe, Gugulethu, Lady Grey, Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa, paraffin, households, energy expenditure


The perception still exists amongst decision makers that paraffin consumption will decrease with increased rates of electrification. Electricity is only added to the fuel mix used by households. Although paraffin is often perceived to be a more affordable fuel than electricity, households spend more of their monthly income on buying paraffin than any other fuel. Although the baseline survey from which the data was derived was not conducted primarily to confirm paraffin consumption patterns of households, it still illustrates the prevailing use and high expenditure on the fuel.


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Truran, GB. 2004. The poverty dynamics of paraffin: exploring strategic counter measures. Paper presented to the DUE Conference, May 2004.
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