Maxillofacial Radiology 200




dysregulated overproduction of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)


A 23-year-old female patient presented with diffuse swelling causing intermittent pain involving the left side of the face that had been present for over 10 years. Extra-oral examination revealed expansile lesions in the maxilla and mandible, that appeared mixed radiolucent-radiopaque on panoramic radiography. The maxillary lesion resulted in opacification of the maxillary sinus. The left side of the mandible presented with trabecular bony changes and larger radiolucent areas (Figure 1). Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging revealed ground-glass opacification and significant expansion involving the majority of the skull bones on the left with selected bones also affected on the right-hand side. The frontal, temporal, parietal, sphenoid, ethmoid, maxillary, zygomatic bones and mandible were all affected (Figure 2).


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Author Biography

Sulette Nel, Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Biology, University of Pretoria.


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