MAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY Hemifacial hyperplasia




hemifacial, Unilateral, Cone Beam Computed Tomography


A 49-year-old male patient presented to the clinic with a main complaint of a painless swelling of the left mandible that had
been present for more than 14 years. On radiological examination, the patient presented with enlargement of the mandibular
ramus, angle and corpus on the left, with a normal appearing trabecular bone pattern. The midline deviated to the right, with
superior displacement of teeth 43-38 with no associated macrodontia noted (Figures 1,2).


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Author Biography

Lené Merbold, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, South Africa


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Merbold, L., & Smit, C. (2024). MAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY Hemifacial hyperplasia. South African Dental Journal, 78(10), 532–533.

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