The dentist has a responsibility to report child abuse and neglect


  • Neil Wood


degradation, maltreatment


South Africa is quite often lauded in the international community for having one of the most progressive and inclusive constitutions globally. This constitution protects even the most vulnerable of persons and ensures that even these vulnerable persons in our communities enjoy support and have the right to be protected. Section 28 of the Bill of Rights states that “every child has the right to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse and degradation”. The Children’s Act No. 35 of 2005 further expands on the rights
of minors, and relays principles relating to the care and protection of minors. However, to ensure that the constitution delivers on these promises, one must be able to identify the instances where there is a clear violation or even deprivation of these rights. In this editorial I am focusing on child abuse and neglect, and the role of the dentist in the identification and reporting thereof.


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