Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities through the South African Journal of Occupational Therapy (SAJOT)

The South African Journal of Occupational Therapy (SAJOT) is the official journal of the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) and a leading publication for research into occupational therapy in Africa. SAJOT is published in April, August and December annually. The journal is Open Access (OA) which means free, immediate, online availability of articles. There is no cost to read an article. Past journals are also freely available in the Archive section. OTASA, as an accredited CPD provider, offers continuous professional development activities for HPCSA registered occupational therapists through the South African Journal of Occupational Therapy (SAJOT). The activities are for Authors and Co-authors, Editors, Reviewers and Readers.

CEUs for Authors and Co-Authors

The principal author of a peer reviewed research publication receives 15 Level 1 CEUs and all co-authors receive 5 Level 1CEUs. Authors of not peer reviewed but referenced publications such as scientific letters, commentaries, book reviews, or opinion pieces (receive 5 CEU’s) and co-authors of such publications (receive 3 CEU’s).

CEU’s for Editors

The SAJOT editor of a peer reviewed publication receives 5 CEU’s per article that is published.

CEUs for Reviewers

The peer reviewer of an article receives 3 CEUs.

CEUs for Readers

The Health Practitioners Council of South Africa (HPCSA) notes journal articles with multiple choice questions (MCQs) answered from the article, as a CPD activity: For every five questions, one CEU may be awarded with a maximum of three CEUs per journal volume. A pass rate of 70% is required. This CPD activity is possible, at no charge for all OTASA members using SAJOT articles and accessing the MCQs through CPDSolutions. OTASA members who have registered with CPDSolutions, can read current SAJOT articles of their choice and interest and answer the MCQs. For one article five MCQ’s can be answered and if four or more are correct, one CEU will be awarded. For each SAJOT that is published three articles and their MCQ’s can be used as CPD. This way up to nine CEUs can be earned annually through SAJOT.

The latest SAJOT articles can be used for such a CPD activity. A reader can log into CPDSolutions and register as a user – there is no cost involved. Choose the article they wish to read, click on the link which will take them to the SAJOT website where the full PDF of the article can be downloaded. Returning to CPDSolutions the five MCQ’s for this article can be found next to the article link. Answering them, CPDSolutions marks the MCQ’s immediately and notifies the reader if they passed or not. This can be done till the MCQ’s for three articles have been successfully answered. This will give the reader three CEU’s. CPDSolutions sends these results to the OTASA Office who will notify the HPCSA who captures the CPD activity against the readers name and HPCSA number.


For more information on the above visit the OTASA website.

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