An epidemiological analysis of patients diagnosed with periodontitis at a tertiary institution




Epidemiology periodontitis, Adult periodontitis, Periodontal attachment loss, Prevalence periodontitis, Risk factors periodontitis, Smoking periodontitis, Diabetes periodontitis, Sex periodontitis, Systemic disease periodontitis, Hypertension periodontitis


An analysis of the epidemiological factors associated with the diagnosis of periodontitis is important baseline evidence for the study of this disease within our population. This evidence will be valuable baselineinformation to inform intervention protocols that are
contextual to our society. There is a scarcity of studieson periodontitis in South Africans. To describe the epidemiological and clinical
characteristics of periodontitis patients diagnosedbetween 2014-2019 at a tertiary institution in SA. A retrospective records-based study wasconducted. Data from 450 patients diagnosed with periodontitis were extracted. Data sets including age, sex, smoking,
presence of diabetes, and other systemic diseaseswere analysed. Periodontal parameters such as plaquescore, plaque index, gingival bleeding score, gingivalindex, number of missing teeth, probing depths, andclinical attachment loss were included for analysis.
Males had higher bleeding index (p=0.035), deeperpockets (p=0.003), and more attachment loss(p<0.001), compared to females. Deeper periodontalpockets were observed in patients with systemicdiseases (p=0.018). Smokers had a lower bleeding
percentage (p=0.039). There was a higher plaque percentage (p=0.031), and bleeding index (p=0.043),deeper pockets (p<0.001) and more attachment loss(p<0.001) in patients with diabetes mellitus. Worse periodontal status was observed in males,and patients with diabetes or other general diseases.Additional research is required to elucidate the role ofsex and systemic conditions as predisposing factors to periodontitis


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