Comparison of forward and reverse single-file reciprocation for root canal instrumentation in curved mandibular molar canals - a Micro-CT analysis




centering ability, ProTaper Next, reciprocation, transportation, WaveOne Gold


To compare (i) canal centering ability and transportation of Primary WaveOne Gold in combination with WaveOne Gold Glider with ProTaper Next X2 in combination with ProGlider using Micro-CT, and (ii) difference in final preparation times between these two preparation groups. Mesiobuccal canals of 50 mandibular first molars were used. Teeth were randomly divided into two preparation groups. Results were analysed using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Apically, ProGlider/ProTaper Next X2 demonstrated better centering ratio values and lower transportation values compared to WaveOne Gold Glider/Primary WaveOne Gold (p<.05). No differences were found in the mean combined centering ratios and transportation values between groups (p>.05). No statistically significant differences between the canal preparation times were found (p<.06). The combination of ProGlider /ProTaper Next X2 yields better results for transportation and centering ability apically compared to WaveOne Gold Glider in combination with Primary Wave-One Gold.


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